A dating service has as clients 6 recently divorced couples whole lotta fish dating

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A dating service has as clients 6 recently divorced couples

It wasn’t a full-on sales thing (the service we were offering was free of charge to the client), but there were targets and performance measures related to number of calls and number of bookings made.

The team’s manager, Ned, set up a competition whereby the person with the most appointment bookings in a set period would win an unspecified prize.

What would your advice have been to Ned in this situation?

What should a manager do if they’ve set up a competition, but the results of that competition mean that most of the team “wins” and only one person loses? And yes, it sucks when it’s just one person, but most people in Bran’s position wouldn’t be devastated …

It was a lot of work and was stressful because we have to share the same space which made working with student one-on-one very difficult.

While I shared this with my supervisor, he still found an intern for this year and now I am supervising another intern without any reduction in my normal duties.

However, I can’t help but feel this was a bit unfair to Bran, being the only person on the team to not receive any acknowledgement despite being so very close to the level the others achieved.

I don’t want to come off as lazy or not willing to help, but I can’t keep doing this.

It’s been two weeks and I want to explode from the stress.

I need to speak to my manager soon as people start looking for internships early in the school year. I know newbies need training and supervision but I do not want this to be a continual assignment for me.

My question is, should I include a blog post when I send back the tasks they assigned to me, even if they didn’t ask for it?

I am incredibly keen on this job and want to show them that I’m willing to go the extra mile. There’s some risk to it because if it’s not exactly what they’re looking for, it could hurt you (even if you’d be able to do exactly what they’re looking for after some coaching and feedback).

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Yeah, ideally it would have been nice for Ned to give Bran some sort of back-up prize (although not the same prize the winners got, or that’s devaluing their win) with some praise for how close he came. unless it’s in a context where their work was always being overlooked, but then that would be the bigger issue than the contest.

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