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You see more explosive lifting and very-low rep sets.

Many trainees apply advice on form suited only for those that use support gear.

Negative transfer occurs when you use a similar motion to that used in your sport, which can cause inappropriate movement patterns to carry over.

You also may not slow down enough at the top, which could harm your joints or cause you to lose control.

This would happen when your elbows are furthest away from your body on the bench press, which occurs at about the midpoint of the fullest possible range of motion. This already occurs with free weights, as long as you avoid too much range of motion.Powerlifting-style training has spread throughout the hardcore in the general fitness realm.Assistance exercises such as box squats, glute-ham raises, and reverse hyperextensions get used often.The process is the same with or without bands and chains.It seems then that as a powerlifter you should just practice with heavy singles.

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The components within your muscles that bind to create tension overlap best here.