Birmingham silver dating hallmarks

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Birmingham silver dating hallmarks

A duty mark can be useful for research because it depicts the reigning monarch at the time duty was assessed.The mark was officially discontinued in 1990 with the end of the duty, but it is still important for historical reference on older pieces.Both the letter and its shape combine to designate the year.Each year both change, but not necessarily in a way that makes any sense to those who do not understand silver hallmarks.

In Great Britain, silver hallmarks were introduced in the 1320s.However, striking a hallmark can lead to sharp edges and metal spurs, so marking is traditionally done before a piece is polished in preparation for sale.The striking and polishing create a visually stunning image that appears in relief on the piece.British Silver Hallmarks were first introduced in 1327.After this date, it was an offence to sell any precious metal without the appropriate hallmarks.

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Other marks indicating the sterling standard have included the Britannia and 958 marks.

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