Breastfeeding cams

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My baby is 3 weeks tomorrow and I'm still practicing the latching on. I constantly worry if my baby is latched on correctly and getting enough milk. I'm still struggling, don't know where I'm doing wrong.You can encourage this by checking that the following is happening: Feeding your baby shouldn't hurt, beyond the initial tingling and stinging feeling that you may get with the letdown of your milk.If you're in pain, it's a sign that your baby isn't latched on properly.Your baby should let go of your breast on her own when she's finished, or will let go if you gently move or lift your breast. Though it may be a different shape, if your nipple is at all squashed, it probably wasn't far back enough in your baby's mouth.If you think that your baby is not latched on properly, see our how to breastfeed guide and watch a mum latch her baby on in a sitting position.

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The evidence is pretty conclusive that breastfeeding offers your baby the best start in life.