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Chat egypt online six

This of course benefits both the patients and the psychiatrists," Abu el-Haz said.

"There are many clients who cannot go to a psychiatrist or they don't have time to do so.

“Going online is the safest option.” In Egypt, there are still many people who feel uneasy about seeing a psychiatrist, either because they are afraid of what others may think or they do not have confidence in the therapists.

“I would rather speak with one of my friends or turn to God, instead of going to a therapist,” Ahmed Samir wrote in a Facebook post.

Factors such as traffic jams and other people in the waiting room tend to make patients feel uncomfortable,” he said.

“The new service will be a hit as anyone will be able to talk to the therapist via Whats App,” he said.

Running errands around Cairo’s hustle and bustle can often end up being a challenge, but Karim Elsahy has found a way to make the ordeal less wearisome by bringing a real-life “personal little helper” to help out from the comfort of a chat window; he dubbed the concept, Elves.

The ECRF also referred to the fact that patients from the onset of their illness do not have access to the right treatment.

Abu el-Haz believes that his startup has the potential to further grow as online therapy is effective.

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