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And this is where the splatter begins: Chatman, in September 1999, was elevated to the position of assistant coach.

Berry was also hired to the Lady Tigers coaching staff in 1999. Berry came to LSU in 1989 the year following Chatman and was also a guard under Minter.

When Berry did tell school officials of this relationship with a former player, why was Chatman not allowed to be in contact with any of her current players?

With Berry’s potential foreknowledge, why was she not also banned immediately from contact with the current players?

Was the keyword Chatman and her counsel hoped slipped through the cracks to quietly let the public know something other than what was reported was behind her resignation?

This also means Chatman told Berry well before a public announcement was made telling of her decision to step down as LSU women’s head coach immediately and lends more credence to the thought of Berry as an agent working for the university and against Chatman.

And according to Thompson’s report: Berry is now unapproachable as is acting head coach Bob Starkey.

According to an “We respect the decision that Pokey Chatman has made regarding her future career opportunities,” athletic director Skip Bertman said in a news release.

—————————– I notice that in the sports world we consistently exist at the extra-dimensional crossroads of racism, opportunism, sexism, corporatism, and cronyism – at the very least.

You can swirl in misogyny and nationalism, throw all these terms at the canvas called America and create a Jackson Pollack worthy of an auction price rivaling the net worth of the NCAA Men’s and Women’s basketball tournament revenues.

However, Berry’s dissolving from the harsh light she created is an entirely different matter.

Sure, the excuse can be made that she too is helping to prepare the Lady Tigers for their first round NCAA tournament game, but there are mysterious elements to this curious affair that need exploring.

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