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Simply add a line to your config: To create a room simply join it with your client - you will become the owner of that room and, if your client supports it, can configure the room and add other owners/admins.

If you want to restrict room creation to server admins defined in the Prosody config, add the restrict_room_creation option: If you are the owner of a room (for example if you just created it) then you can configure the room options via your client, if it supports it.

Description: "Even when this room is read-only or their reputation is too low, these users will be able to talk in this room.

For the most part, students attending college chats are teens or young adults, but not always.

Advance Chat offers two free college chat rooms including College Chat 1 and College Chat Center.

These rooms are set up for friendly regular, repeat chatters to visit their online friends.

For example, if your main server is, chatrooms would be served at conference.So I have been in a couple of questions with SO users who keep further comments for clarification, etc.I have even had SO suggest to me to shift to a chat room.And I would like this to be a temporary room because it is solely intended to move the noise out of band and keep the signal ratio high.1, but doesn't "explicit write access" take care of one of these points?

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For the most part, college students tend to congregate with people within their age group.

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