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i Media: Back in the day, I was the editor for all things digital at Earth Link, and in my experience the subject line was always the last thing on the agenda for whatever agency was working on whatever marketing email -- particularly when it came to HTML or rich media emails. Many companies pay plenty of attention to the body of the message, and far too little to the quality of the message in the subject line. The first day you test different subject lines and see the results, you'll never be complacent again.This worried me, particularly since the subject line is often a make-or-break component. To illustrate this point, no offline direct mail agency would rush or hurry the writing of the text on the envelope of a direct mail promotion. Creative and production groups are often under incredible pressure to deliver the next email or newsletter. When you do the math and see how much money you are leaving on the table with the second best subject line, compared to the best...that's when you start taking subject lines seriously.

It also automatically controls brightness levels and provides proof-of-performance reports for operators and advertisers." Advertisers are finding these digital billboards very attractive, noted Mike Ribero, CEO of Reactrix, a Redwood City, Calif.-based interactive out-of-home advertisement and entertainment media company.Last year, in a talk about online writing that I gave to a group of talented undergraduate writers at the University of Southern California, I argued that the most important genre of writing for them to master is the email subject line.I think a lot about subject lines: what makes them good and bad, effective and ineffective, but one thing that has long puzzled me is how little attention many companies pay to the lowly subject line. Nick is a leading authority on the subject of writing for the web, and he wrote "Net Words," a bible for both copywriters and writers of content online.Usborne: It has been a long time since I tried predicting winners among subject lines.I used to work with a company which sent out over two million newsletters a month.

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