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Dataadapter not updating database

If you're familiar with Table Adapters, you can jump directly to one of these topics: Updating a data source is a two-step process.The first step is to update the dataset with new records, changed records, or deleted records.(A concurrency violation occurs when another user modifies a record in the data source after the dataset has been filled.)To make changes to an existing data row, add or update data in the individual columns.If the dataset contains constraints (such as foreign keys or non-nullable constraints), it's possible that the record can temporarily be in an error state as you update it.I would also advise that you break out the query into a seperate code file and remove the try/catch block. I suppose you want to want to use the Datatable table that you get from the function's parameters (from Access) and use it to update the same table in My Sql, rigth? The code compiles and runs with out error - but when I check the My Sql DB to see the updates, there is nothing there.That way you can test that it is in fact the code which is the issue or other code affecting it and additionally any error messages that the try/catch block 'absorbs' will be displayed on the webpage / debugger automatically. For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Save data back to the database on docs. If you modify that data, it's a good practice to save those changes back to the database.

My code is as follows: At present it seems that you are looking at the debug line by line rather than to test that the line has commited / completed successfully.Additionally, extra columns in the source dataset are added to the target dataset.Merging datasets is useful when you have a local dataset and you get a second dataset from another application.That is, it can be in an error state after you finish updating one column but before you get to the next one.To prevent premature constraint violations you can temporarily suspend update constraints.

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If you intend to update an underlying data source later, you must use the methods on the Data Table.