Dating agencies gloucestershire

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Dating agencies gloucestershire

Janet Forse looked mournfully into her glass of mineral water and wondered how soon she could politely make her excuses and leave.

He was a quantity surveyor and went off to live in Abu Dhabi, leaving me to bring up the girls, who were nine and 12, on my own.

I refused as kindly as I could and then he lunged at me anyway, to give me a smacker on the cheek instead. And as I drove home, all I could think was: that was one of the worst evenings of my life.

And the biggest irony of all was that I was actually paying for it!

"I pulled myself together and started a beauty treatment business from home so I could be there for the girls and provide for them financially.

For many years I didn't want another man in my life.

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Frankly, the only special connection I felt like having at that point was with a nice cup of tea before an early night - on my own.