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Dating family photos

This is one of those charcoal prints many people may have in their collections: And of course cousin Nannie wouldn’t be left out of the latest craze—she took the mid-late 1890s picture below with her daughter Minnie and her son Ulie.

Ulie was born in 1883, so he probably was between 10-12 years old. The turn of the century brought about the Edwardian Era.

Seeing that stiff point is your clue to the timeframe.

Below is a picture of Nannie (left) with her daughter Minnie.

Nannie took another picture, below, in the early 1890s, with those same telltale pointed sleeves.

The mid-late 1890s bought a strange and new phenomenon: the “leg-o-mutton” sleeve. Here is my cousin Mamie Prather of Montgomery Co., MD with the famous sleeves: Shown below are two women who I believe to be my Bradley cousins in Tennessee—the big mutton sleeves are just visible.

Emory University and Virginia Commonwealth are collections that come to mind.

Du Bois understood the power of images when he assembled a collection of simple photographs of turn of the century African Americans for display at the 1900 Paris Exposition.Missouri’s website captures my feelings perfectly about these pictures: By the late nineteenth century African Americans had the opportunity to participate in the phenomenon of portrait photography.Despite low earnings as barbers, laborers, cooks, or laundresses, they could afford to buy or sew at least one nice suit or an attractive dress.At this time, she would have been around the age of 30.If we could see the back of her skirt, that would tell us a lot as the size and placemen of the bustle changed over the years dramatically. The earliest years in the 1890s—1891-1893—brought a tall stiff point at the very top of women’s sleeves.

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Another hallmark of the era was the Shirtwaist, a (usually) white shirt worn with a skirt.

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