Dating ftort nelson

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Dating ftort nelson

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"Love is physical," says Holcomb, who kicks off the album with "The Morning Song," his most sexually - charged track to date. Years ago, he might' ve waited until he completely recovered, delaying the album's release until he could personally approve each song.

"Love is geographic," he adds, pointing to the album's tribute to the Golden Coast, "California." Then, looking at the rest of the 11 - song tracklist, he draws con- nections to songs about estranged brothers, long - los t lovers, precocious daughters, and every- one in between. This time, he tossed the job to his bandmates, giving the Neighbors the trust, love, and support needed to finish Souvenir .

Equal parts folksinger, roots - rocker, country crooner, and pop - hook provider, Holcomb blurs the lines between genres on his newest release.

Souvenir is his band's most expansive album to date, dishing up everything from the West Coast country - r ock of "California" to the front - porch folk of "Mama Sunshine, Daddy's Rain." The rootsy songs are more rustic than ever before, laced with harmonica, upright bass, and banjo, while the rockers are downright electrifying, from the searing guitar solo that carves a lightning - shaped streak through "Sometimes" to the emo- tionally - charged duet with Holcomb's wife, Ellie Holcomb, on "Black and Blue." Holcomb is still the captain of this band's ship, but Souvenir relies on contributions from the whole crew.

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They used a drum machine on "New Year," a song about the annual cycle of triumph and tragedy.