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I’ll probably wind up listing these in the film category, too.

In addition to the list of Kodak papers from the “Photo Lab Index,” I’ve also included information on some other Kodak papers that apparently weren’t made during the time period covered by the book. Recommended developer is Kodak Ektonol or Selectol.

I hope to learn how to determine (approximately) when a picture was taken and/or developed.

I have a few boxes of photos to be scanned but prior to doing so I would like to be able to have a better idea of the date — or at least year — they were taken, and then scan and take note.

I just need to flesh out a few years on some of these ... In sum, unless the lab added the date (which some did) there is no way to determine the date from the code on back of the photo.

The code is used by and for the lab (developers) and relates to paper, color correction, etc., technical information that may be of value to those who shoot film and want to know more about might find this link helpful. msg_id=0002dz Additionally - I noticed the tag forensics was added here and find that appropriate, as a few others have asked the same question.

Most of the descriptions of the following Kodak papers come from the book “Photo Lab Index” by Henry M. This book is gigantic, and contains a massive amount of vintage photography info.

It’s essentially a binder filled with 24 different sections about various photography related info.

I found your site today (directed from another topic) and look forward to returning., Thanks Jand If you really want to get hard core, read the books on photo interpretation.Also, the box says “photographic paper.” So I have no idea what this is, but once I crack it open, I’ll update.) Kodak Super-Speed Direct Positive – Provides a direct positive image by chemical reversal, and is useful for making prints directly from transparencies. The emulsion is orthochromatic, and has a short range of exposure latitude. It is normally intended for making proofs from professional portrait negatives. Recommended safelight: OA, Recommended developer: Kodak D-52, Ektonol or Selectol. Kodak Polycontrast – For enlarging or fast contact printing. Kodak Aristo – A contact printing paper of moderate warmth intended expressly for contact printing of portraits. Portrait Proof Paper is a developing-out paper, not a printing-out paper (I have no idea what that means). (I tried using this a contact printing paper, and it was simply too fast for my 15 watt bulb. Opalure Print Film – A printing material having an emulsion similar to that of Kodak Opal Paper.It is coated on a white film base It gives beautiful warm tones with direct development. ) Kodagraph Papers – Designed for the reproduction of documents and engineering drawings.

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For things like vacation photos of family, you can sometimes see background things such as cars that can help dating.

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