Dating mitsuru persona 3

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Dating mitsuru persona 3

In a more detailed explanation: after you pass a certain part of the storyline you’ll find out that your MC has the ability to summon more than 1 Persona unlike his/her party members.

Once you start collecting a good majority of Personas, eventually you will be able to fuse multiple Personas to get even stronger ones earlier.

If you’re looking for a definitely new rendition of a great game then this might catch your fancy.Also when you fuse, you even get to sometimes keep your old favorite skills from the previous Persona and bring it to the new one!There is of course always the chance of finding new Personas in Tartarus, but why do that when you can get them earlier?They also added the P4 option to date multiple people so you can have them all if you want!: O Social Links will definitely keep you busy whether you’re a veteran or even a newcomer, and I suggest too try and get as many as you can to max level.

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