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Dating older man with kids

They went to counselling but ultimately it ended the relationship.

"It's very sad and I know the guy in question still grieves the loss of the relationship but he had to accept the fact that having a child was very important to her." The most important thing in such a situation is to talk about your expectations and why you might want or not want children.

"I'm 75, my eldest is 50 and my youngest, Molly, is 16."The couple were very much in love and had been together three years," he recalls. He already had four children and was adamant he didn't want any more."They could have afforded it but he felt he didn't have the energy to be an older father." But as a marriage and family therapist, Owen has seen many situations where the outcome hasn't been so positive.One couple he worked with recently had strong echoes of Gary Lineker's situation.

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"The temptation might be to manipulate a partner into saying 'okay' when it's not, but do this at your peril.