Dating traditions different cultures

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Dating traditions different cultures

Some sources say Pennsylvania; others say it's something done in the Appalachians or Balkans.I say that wherever it started, it's pretty darned funny, assuming you're not the person two-stepping in the trough.These are deeply rooted within them, and each individual has unspoken rules and beliefs that the other partner may not be aware of.As such these should be discussed and brought out in the open for the success of the marriage.Older siblings also take center stage--if you can call it that--in a tradition called the Hog's Trough Dance.For good luck, the siblings have to dance in an empty hog's trough until it breaks.And she better look her very best or she could be scorned.How can such a common ceremony be so different to everyone?

After the wedding ceremony, guests shower the couple with corn kernels, symbolizing fertility.

It requires understanding and it is best these couples enter into marriage with an open mind, and be ready to accept your partner for who she/he is and not what they have had before.

Whatever cultural background one may have, at the marriage ceremony as the couple pledge to love and cherish each other to the end, a new beginning starts and so is the new family.

The horseshoes, rather than being actual metal plates, are crocheted and a long ribbon is attached in a loop from end to end.

The horseshoe is worn upside down over the arm of the bride during the wedding to bring luck to the marriage Bermuda traditions include the bride and groom walking under a moon gate after the ceremony for good luck. The bride's wedding cake is a tiered fruitcake covered with silver leaf and has a small cedar sapling on top that is replanted after the ceremony to symbolize the growth of the couple's love.

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