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Dating ultrasound 7 weeks

However I was having bleeding and went to emerg a couple days ago and had an ultrasound done while I was there. I declined this one as ultrasounds kind of stress me out.My next is 19 and a bit weeks for the anatomy scan, which is another screening test.She said she was low risk and doc didn't feel it was needed any sooner.Seems like there is so much variation even within the province. My gp had a baby with ivf so I think she is more sympathetic to scans just for reassurance compared to other docs as she has been there herself.Not all units offer an early scan if all is going well in this pregnancy, though.

Hopefully you'll be able to sneak in a little earlier!!

My midwife said that you don't have to have this one but I chose to.

If you don't have it they send you for a ultrasound around 34 weeks to check the placenta position only and don't really look at the baby.

I am reaching out to my Canadian moms to be to find out when your first ultrasound was.

I have my first doc appointment at 7 weeks and was told that my first ultrasound wouldn't be until 11-13 weeks. I know many USA expecting moms had their first ultrasound at 6-10 weeks.

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You don't see much and definitely don't learn as much as later ultrasounds but it's still great to see the little one! Or just tell your doctor you're unsure of you date of your last period.