Datinghispanicgirls com

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Datinghispanicgirls com

People aren't going to jump ship just for some more power when 1 it's a temporary advantage because like all tech something else is going to come along more powerful and 2 they want to play with friends so if their friends don't own it why the hell would they take that option.

I know this will get downvoted because it's things fanboys don't want to hear but just be happy you have a powerful console and hope ms starts releasing some killer exclusives.

Xbox One X is a sure sign that Microsoft is ready for that, but what exactly does it offer players right now?But as far as your other point, the only people that cared, or likely even knew about the minor resolution differences between ps4 and x1 early this gen are the fanboys.And people like us that come to n4g and bicker about meaningless things.You are assuming one major thing here, that all 3rd part devs will fully support the ' X', most will just add a resolution bump and thats it, that doesn't warrant a console.All games consoles have been defined by its executives, it was the exclusives that help pull the PS3 around.

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Im Trum Peach wrote a well-reasoned post disagreeing with Deep-Throat.

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