Definition accommodating conflict style

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Human relations managers in businesses often find themselves managing situations of inter-personal conflict.

How can you manage disagreements in ways that build personal and collegial relationships rather than harming them?

As a conflict management strategy, competition is a win-lose approach in which conflict is viewed as a struggle.While avoiding a conflict won't help solve the point of disagreement, there are some times when it is the best course of action.As a conflict management strategy, accommodation involves a degree of self-sacrifice through 'giving-in'.Such disagreements or conflicts can occur between individuals or between groups of people.Here are five strategies from conflict management theory for managing stressful situations. Which one is the best in a given situation will depend on a variety of factors, including an appraisal of the levels of conflict.

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The online version of the instrument costs $40 per person, or you can order paper versions for between $30 and $40 per employee, depending on the quantity ordered.

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