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In this context Rapid Prototyping becomes merely a vehicle by which the architect explores the design process.

Rapid Prototyping is proposed as a media to escape the limitation imposed by flat screen representation in what is defined as true three dimensional digital design.

Chapter two attempts to chart a road map of the rapid prototyping media.

The data were drawn from a number of first hand experiments conducted by the author as well as by colleagues in MIT School of Architecture and Harvard Graduate School of Design, and in actual practice.

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It aims to stimulate the designer's imagination when thinking about three -dimensional design, design in motion and design at the interface between people and architecture, for example, chairs and kitchens.

direct suggests also giving explanations or advice; the emphasis is on steps necessary to accomplish a purpose: He directed me to organize the files.

order connotes a more personal relationship and instructions that leave no room for refusal: She ordered him out of the class.

Socrates skepticism about the value of the book suggests that evenwiser people misinterpret the implications of the "new" technology.

This thesis shows how architects can use Rapid Prototyping and what the advantages and disadvantages are in different manipulations of the tool.


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