Error validating nbdb backup in usr openv db staging Granny dating calgary

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Error validating nbdb backup in usr openv db staging

I've did the same thing twice and the same situation happened again.Media and master srv Win 2008 Ent ed, Netbackup Client Win 2008 Std R2 - Netbacup Policy type: MS-Windows, Take checkpoing every 15min, Collect true image restore information with move detection If you don't suspend job - next diff-incr backup is not backuping up the same data agian.hcart3 TLD(0) DRIVE=4 /dev/nst3 UP Currently defined robotics are: TLD(0) robotic path = /dev/sg1 EMM Server = xxxxxxx Thanks...I've a backup policy that makes use of the Calendar Schedule feature of Net Backup 7.0, running on RHEL 5.2.Hi, I use NB 6.0MP4 in conjuction with a Dell PV132T tape library (with two tape drives).Even so often the drives, either 1 or both, would go into a down state resulting in error 800.

We would like to find out is it possible to perform incremental backup instead of full backup for the sec vol? Hi, I have 2 servers (HPUX and Redhat) connected to 2 partitions on a Quantum i2000, the HPUX has 12 tape drives attached and Redhat (6) has 4.

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and what you did to address. When I try to restore a bakup it apears with a red icon, what does it mean? I have attached an screenshot when i go to Backup Archive & Restore.

Best regards We are setting up a new Net Backup 7.5 master server and I need to get confirmation of support for Exchange 2013.

C D F being backedup under MS windows policy name POLICY1 , backup selection ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES, mutistreaming is ON, E:\ excluded from using exclude list, It is updated in windows registry.

E: contains 2 TB data hence backedup under flash backup policy.

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This resulted in my backup job running on days other that the last day of the month as intended.