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Gta dating michelle

J.'s direction, so I'd wait till later to have C. There is a 7 second timer for the jealous girlfriend to appear after the date is failed due to a wanted level above 2 stars.

abandoned her, the date isover, and the Stat for her dropped four or five percent. There is a 50% chance that a jealous girlfriend will appear 7 seconds after leaving the destination (dancing, food) or completing the goal (driving, drive-by).

Again, Gimp Suit dates and She Drives dates do not apply.

All still quite confusing as the other topic mentions how to permanently disable two-timing including dating a GF with non-gimp, can we suffice to say then that after Burning Desire, do NOT go on a date with Denise until CJ has another GF?

To trigger a Two-Timing date, go on a date when CJ has more than one girlfriend.

do the Taxi mission, etc., in SF betweendates.) When I tried this, Katie always wanted a dinner date for her 1st severaldates, and C. Thiscould be it...," there was a picture of Denise's Hustler and the message:"You've been spotted by another girlfriend. Her car came from the street above the E sideof the lot of the diner (where the vehicle exit is), right over the ledge, andstopped beside C. In the few times I tested this, Denise showed up after the 1st date or afterthe 1st couple of dates. Well done." Carl Johnson had the jealous girlfriend show up when he used a similar strate-gy. Perhaps there is another explanation or conditions I didn't consider.

I've been messing around with the Two-Timing dates in hope of collecting their BP/EP/FP/DP cars (see:

dated Katie, Denise showed up as the jealous girlfriend. I need help with this and it's hard to understand the method of how to trigger this. I have all oysters already and I have 100% in all girlfriends except for Millie.

Quickly - as in start moving while the fade-in is still happening. you did not disable two-timing dates by taking that call from Denise. Not taking or missing the call would have reduced progress by 2% anyway.

dated Katietill his success rate with her went up to about 35%, C. dated Denise and Katieshowed up as the jealous girlfriend.

If CJ stays in the sphere then perhaps the two-timing evaluation will be skipped. I started a new game and used my trusty trainer to spawn vehicles, set money, increase muscle, and warp to San Fierro.

After meeting Katie and starting a date I waited in the home sphere to fail the date as quickly as possible.

The Two-Timing dates were not disabled (the TT variable is still 0 and not -1) and the Fast Food joints are unlocked.

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