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Meanwhile I will become increasingly uncomfortable around that person because I know s/he wants something—i.e.

an equal and opposite attraction—that I am apparently unable to offer.

Give plenty of space and don’t create a situation where s/he is forced to interact with you. They’re great for a second or third date, but in that initial attraction-building stage, there is far too much pressure on both of you to keep the conversation going, plus the awkwardness of deciding who is going to pay how much, etc.

I recommend a daytime outing to a busy, public place and/or a group excursion so s/he can meet some of your friends and get a better sense of how you interact with people and how well-liked you are.

However, beware of getting too caught up in the thrill of the chase for its own sake, or you may find that once the game is done you are no longer interested in the prize.

Or you may find that you’ve become so attached to a single outcome, having poured so much time and energy into this one pursuit, that you lose sight of important details like whether or not s/he is actually right for you. Any prospective partner will want to know who you really are, so it doesn’t pay to create an entire faux persona that you will either have to keep up artificially or later dismantle along with his/her trust.

There is far too much excellent attraction and dating advice for me to list it all here.

I find that if there isn’t some measure of mutual attraction right off the bat, you would generally do better to move along.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are women (and men for that matter) who are worth a great deal of time and effort, and if your heart is set on a difficult catch, then you owe it to both of you to make it happen, whatever it takes.

The ideal is to pour your whole self into every interaction, but hold the outcome lightly and never push beyond what is enjoyable for both of you. But at the same time, nobody wants to hear your entire life story, warts and all, the same day you meet them.

This is why it’s so important to work on your that will make them want to see more. I can’t tell you how many men I talk to who complain that they can’t just be honest with a woman.

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