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For Jason, going out with Leigh Ann's friends from the bar, whom he doesn't know well and feels he has little in common with, is anything but fun -- he feels like an outsider.

"I ended up not buying them." Jason says he loves his wife's generosity, but such fights nearly ruin their evenings out.

Leigh Ann will often go home after work, "because it's more important to me to spend what little time we have together than to go out," she says. With house payments, Leigh Ann's nursing school tuition and a new car (Jason's old one, which was fully paid off, recently "crapped out"), the couple has less disposable income these days.

Problem is, sometimes Jason is already in bed when she gets home, making her feel like she canceled her plans for nothing. Now, not only do they argue about going out, but they also find themselves disagreeing over how much money to spend when they do go out.

The good news: "It doesn't mean that they're incompatible," he says.

"If they show respect for each other and negotiate these differences, they can actually come out stronger in the end." Get creative with couple time.

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Since Jason is reluctant to go out with a group he doesn't know well, he can make a deal with Leigh Ann: out with her crowd one night, out with his work friends the next.

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