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We stayed at the restaurant until 11.30pm before walking along the river to Blackfriars station. We missed our trains by seconds — so we just chatted for half an hour until parting with that kiss.

We’ve both had a hard time dating in the past — but JP said he didn’t want to talk about other girls, which I appreciated.

I have a good career as a physicist, I’m solvent, have lovely friends and am generally happy with myself.

So I would rather stay single than take on someone who’s going to be hard work.

The next day, I rang her and we picked up where we left off — and have been chatting ever since.

On our first date, I soon realised he is a really fun guy, and we both talked about everything from my pet hate, scientifically inaccurate sci-fi movies, to our taste in music. He joked that it must be awful to watch sci-fi with me as I would point out all the faults, and I poked fun at him, picturing him dancing rumba around the house.

I like rock, he likes rumba — that tells you how different we are . But I knew he liked me when he said that ‘in our house there will be a sound-insulated room for your rock music’.

They went to theatre-themed restaurant Sarastro in London and, as they tell Dating Doctor Alana Kirk, Cupid struck.

Laura, 42, an optical engineer, lives in the capital.

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We didn’t delve too much into history, preferring to keep it positive.