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Kb home backdating

In fact, Bustamante alleges, Karatz used hindsight to pick dates when the stock options were most valuable, raising the value of his options by as much as .50 a share.Prosecutors contend Karatz pocketed more than million a result of the alleged scheme.During the tech boom, no two words made American workers smile more than "stock options." Options turned thousands of ordinary people into millionaires and some millionaire executives into billionaires, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq stock index soared to a record high in March 2000.In the years that followed, regulators and prosecutors began to investigate whether companies had broken the law by failing to disclose that they had backdated options to make them more valuable.But several high-profile options trials have backfired on prosecutors -- most recently their cases against Henry Samueli and Henry T.

---------------- By Stuart Pfeifer March 8, 2010 Two months after the federal government's criminal cases against Broadcom Corp.'s top executives collapsed, the U. attorney's office is taking aim at another stock-options backdating target: former KB Home chief Bruce Karatz.In this case, the government contends that Karatz handpicked dates when KB's stock price was low to inflate the value of his options, making millions in the process.That's a key difference between the Broadcom and KB cases: Samueli and Nicholas were not accused of wrongfully enriching themselves -- only their employees. They give employees the option to buy a set amount of stock at a set price -- usually the closing price on the day they're granted."The recent decisions in the backdating trials," he said, "show just how misguided the criminal prosecution of these option-pricing cases is." [email protected] --------------------- NEW Prosecutors allege former KB Home chief padded his pay Former KB Home chief executive Bruce Karatz was accused today of padding his pay and lying about it during the opening day of his trial in Los Angeles federal court for illegal stock-option manipulation. Attorney Alex Bustamante told the downtown jury Karatz was driven by greed and deserved to be convicted on all counts.Karatz is charged with 20 counts, including mail, wire and securities fraud and making false statements in reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with alleged financial fraud. Defense attorney John Keker countered that his client never intentionally broke any laws.

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Ray, the company's head of human resources, was fired.