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But after she started receiving calls with outrageous propositions at all odd hours, she discontinued her membership in disgust.The proprietor's defence: "It's a hazard about which we can do little." Except discontinue the service altogether, perhaps."The whole idea behind creating an app is to service society.It is something society can use in trying to overcome certain basic flaws it has.There are so many times we see someone whom we would like to talk to, at a coffee shop, or maybe a movie, but we think too much, maybe feel a bit shy and lose the moment and before you know it, it is over.So as soon as he decided to make the app, we created Im Knot Shy!

But what the app does is that it saves you from the embarrassment of going up to the person and being rejected in public." He further said, "It can be the first step towards a great friendship f it clicks, or else, you simply walk away.

Besides just being an ice breaker, what this app also does is help you give gifts to your beloved as well!

Tomorrow the world is going to be about instantaneous gratification.

Ishita Chakraborty, an 18-year-old student, joined because she "loves to talk and talk". Kusum Agarwal, a 29-year-old housewife, also calls up other women to discuss things like embroidery and films. Poornima Chakraborty, a 40-year-old housewife, is a particularly candid member: "If you agree to pay Rs 200 towards my taxi fare, I am willing to go to any length with you." Others have only ended up regretting having joined because they have been harassed no end by callers.

The biggest success of the story has been 22-year-old Parichita who met her husband, Sandip, a company executive through the tele-dating service. Sumitra Banerjee, 35-year-old chartered accountant, joined the tele-dating service because she wanted someone to talk to.

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The whole thing started when a friend of mine saw this very beautiful girl at a signal, and both of them had this instantaneous connection.