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It’s not a perfect analogy, obviously: One event leaves you with an adorable, tiny human of your very own, whereas the other is significantly more likely to leave you with fewer toenails than you had when you started.Regardless, there’s some new evidence that marathoners, like new mothers, quickly forget the pain of the ordeal, according to a new study published recently in the journal Cracovia Marathon in Cracow, Poland in 2012.Still others, like Juliette Ryan-Caines, started participating to achieve long-term goals. One night, she watched a news report about a new marathon that was coming to the Poconos the following summer.She gave birth early in 2006 and started training for the marathon to shed her baby weight. while my kids were sleeping, and ran down from my house to the blinking lights on 209 and back. She trained for six months, dropped from 211 pounds to 145, and finished the marathon in less than five hours. Darleen Mostellar likes to sacrifice her personal time to help struggling runners.Gallagher has run in Boston for 10 straight years, the longest streak among the Run for the Red perennials.Villiano has qualified for Boston for nine straight years, running eight times.

Women who have done both say that running a marathon is kind of like giving birth, in that the memory of the pain fades astonishingly quickly — or else you’d never, ever do the thing again.

Moments after they crossed the finishing line he asked them to complete a series of questionnaires about the intensity of the pain they were in, its unpleasantness, and the positive and negative emotions they were feeling.

The key finding is that when he contacted them again, three or six months later, and asked them to recall how much pain they’d been in at the end of the marathon, most of them underestimated the pain they’d experienced, both in terms of its intensity and Runners whose races went particularly poorly, in that they’d suffered more intense pain during the race, did tend to rate their pain higher than those whose races had gone okay (though even these runners rated the pain lower months later); this, of course, is evidence of the psychological component of the perception of pain.

“One year, a younger club member went out a little too fast and was burnt out, so I talked to him.

We ran a lot, walked a little and he was out of breath. He said, ‘Yeah,’ and I said, ‘Do you want a friend?

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