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See Maritime Union of Australia, The v DP World Sydney Limited [2014] FWC 2682 (24 April 2014).

This summary of the rules under the Fair Work Act 2009 relating to right of entry to an employer’s workplace by unions and inspectors includes amendments that will commence on 1 January 2014.

Karatz – and post trial motions and an appeal have yet to be filed – it lost sixteen counts. That result, coupled with repeated prosecutorial misconduct in litigating option backdating cases and the loss in the case against Mr.

Roberts, raises serious questions about the quality of these actions.

The appeals in the cases may only compound those questions.

The resolution of these issues begins with revisiting the dividing line between civil and criminal securities fraud and the standards which govern the exercise of prosecutorial discretion.

In criminal cases, government prosecutors typically prevail either by obtaining guilty pleas or convictions at trial.

Those charges, as well as an earlier SEC case, center on claims of fraudulent stock option practices alleged to have been used to improperly increase the compensation of Mr. As a result of those practices, KB Home filed periodic reports and proxy statements with the SEC which did not correctly report the stock option grant practices at the company. Karatz was alleged by the SEC to have received backdated annual stock option awards amounting to 2,860,000 shares, giving him profits of more than million from the exercise of backdated options. The blurred line between criminal and civil securities fraud also places a premium on the judicious exercise of prosecutorial discretion.However, the Fair Work Commission sounded a word of warning to employers that have an unqualified policy of rejecting a backdated certificate presented in support of personal leave claims.Any terms of the employer's policy or the terms of the applicable enterprise agreement, which purported to provide the employer with the unilateral right to reject any and all retrospective medical certificates as evidence for the purposes of Personal Leave would be a term which conflicted with the provisions of the Fair Work Act (s.107). co-founders Henry Samueli and Henry Nicholas III were dismissed for prosecutorial misconduct. Karatz was settled with a consent to the entry of a permanent injunction prohibiting future violations of the antifraud, reporting and proxy provisions of the federal securities laws. Karatz also agreed to pay about .7 million in disgorgement and prejudgment interest and a civil penalty of 0,000. Similar charges brought against former Broadcom Corp.

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