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Now we come to the ever popular discussion about classical music and memory. Scientists still aren’t sure why classical music to improve memory works, but they do know that we process music without words in the same part of the brain where we process spatial skills that we use when recognizing shapes or piecing together jigsaw puzzles.

Music to improve memory, then, seems to work because of these mental connections.

Sometimes if I’m listening to a song while reading something I need to remember for a test, I’ll remember it better the next day.

Part of this is the fact that by recalling the song I was listening to, I can also recall what I was reading at the time I was hearing that song. But any music without words can act in the same way as classical music.

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The idea of music to improve memory has a hold in the modern mind, which is why many parents try to expose extremely young children to classical music.

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(More on that in a moment.) However, music to improve memory really does work, and it works in several different ways.