My friend is dating my little sister

Posted by / 15-May-2018 18:58

My friend is dating my little sister

I wish as your big sister, I was able to double my hardships, to get rid of yours.

I wish I could save you from the pain other people cause, and the mean words that will stick with you forever.

You know my secrets and every annoying habit I have.

I realize now how happy I am to have had you looking up to me for all these years.

We left the house and walked to school holding hands.I was always the one in charge, because like to be in control of everything, and you let me even when you hated it.Growing up led to our matching sister outfits and having everyone call me by your name and vice versa.It didn't matter what happened, it was you and me against the world.You were and still are the only one who truly gets me, to the full extent.

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our mom said" well i clearly can't stop you from dating so you will sleep in the same bed until you do." Then left.