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Nigerian married dating site

I hear Ghanaian ladies say Nigerian men are the best: they are loving, caring, and really caring (financially). So in your fourteen-day quest, it is important to understand your man. They are also called the “ladies men.” DELTA MEN (aka Warri). Everything you are doing for them, washing and all that, is out of your own kind gesture. But will be the first to say “Girls are not loyal.” I wonder what they think loyalty means.

Counsellor Lutterodt says you don’t date for more than fourteen days. This is not a matter of you did something wrong, No!!! So he is trying to explain to the ladies one after the other that you are his girlfriend. On Friday, he will go clubbing and will pick a random girl up. But they will spend on you: he can buy you anything you want so long as you stay loyal as they want you to.

In a society like ours, women are not very forthcoming about sex-related issues much less open up about infidelity, but has been able to gather some reactions from a few Nigerian women under conditions of anonymity.

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the subjects.

IGBO MEN: An Igbo man is ready to take good care of you and buy you the latest of whatever you want.

Most men would usually cite reasons such as boredom, opportunity, temptation, etc, as what pushed them to adultery, but women, being the more emotional gender, often state different reasons.

He is not saying he doesn't love you; he will make you think the ladies are the one after him. So long you are not a virgin, you are not the village girl that has been kept for them, they won't attempt to fall in love with you.

Sex Drive:"My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years, and I can count the number of times we have been intimate.

He hardly initiates sex and sometimes, when I do, he gets very angry and pushes me away aggressively. It has been months since the last time he and I had sex. We both started hanging out as friends but soon after, our conversation became more sexual and it was only a matter of time until things got physical."Cynthia* 31READ ALSO: 8 Things Married Men Should Do Around Single Ladies5.

A Calabar Guy will approach a beautiful lady and tells her how much he likes her, how much he wants to see her happy, how happy he would make her feel. You can’t even cheat on an Igbo man if he wants to be serious with you. My Ghanaian guys, if you were Nigerian, which of these men would you be?

They know they got no chance with you, but will try anyway. I know a number will certainly find it difficult to belong.

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We have been intimate from time to time and whenever I am with him, I feel more loved and cared for than I ever felt with my own husband.