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Shandrow, however, was intrigued—enough to invest himself.

She says that she had felt “different” at previous rehabs because “I was the girl who wasn’t there for substance abuse.” It was only when she checked into Sure Haven that she was able to stop cutting and burning herself and get her sex addiction in check.

From the get-go, their attitude was a far cry from the free and loose sober living home: prospective clients had to both fill out applications and provide references and if clients relapse while living there, they have to leave for 30 days and then re-apply if they want to come back.

“Our approach has always been that we feel it’s a privilege to be here,” Perry says.

“They taught me coping skills, like ways to get back in the present when I was disassociating,” she explains.

“Also I grew up not being able to express myself and they taught me how to be able to say, ‘I need help,’ and have someone just sit down and listen to me.” Because her parents only lived 20 minutes away, she was also able to do “a lot of family therapy,” transforming a relationship that she says people used to describe as being “like World War III” into “the best relationship ever.” The fact that clients can get this for a relatively low cost—the scholarship cash rate is ,500 for 30 days and ,500 for 90—is one of the reasons Solid Landings has ballooned so quickly.

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She gave me a better blow job than my own wife Jan, but I love her more than anything, especially since she likes to attend the key parties with me.

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