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Persian dating rules

"I can respect that [established Americans] wanted to keep their own culture, too.We came to the most admired and expensive town in the world and occupied it," she said.

All over LA County, city officials banded together to decry the big, boxy homes with those oversized columns out front—nowhere louder than in Beverly Hills. Like pestilence or plague, the Persian Palace was deemed a threat.

Wearing a dirty baseball cap and a scowl, he spat the words and let loose with a description of how ugly and gaudy were. Though I wasn’t raised in one of those so-called palaces, I knew what he was referring to, and as an Iranian-American (a Persian, in the local parlance) raised in Southern California, I had experienced racism before, thinly veiled and otherwise. From what I knew, rich Persians built those swanky homes in Beverly Hills, spending a pretty penny—those columns were said to go for four figures a pop in their heyday.

Maybe those Persians longed for centuries-old kingdoms, but the Iran my parents were nostalgic for wasn’t the one of the ancient era, but of the recent past, colored by memories of road trips to the Caspian Sea and the comforts of being raised in large families and always having them close, before the Islamic Revolution and an eight-year war with Iraq scattered the living generations of Iranians all over the world.

As a profound lover of her culture and history, she explained: Thousands of years ago, it was a Persian king who decreed that no worker should be a slave and banned work without pay.

It was a Persian king who decreed a pregnant woman should stop working at seven months, but continue to receive pay.

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