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I have even seen attempts at disproving the sedimentary record of the Grand Canyon using this.Never mind that these self-described experts have no qualifications to evaluate these things.I find it astounding that so many people want to link evolution to radioactive dating.Radioactive dating has weaknesses, but it is calibrated using tree ring data and benthic sediment data, and data from papyrus documents and wooden coffins, and it has been found to be consistent over and over. I find it astounding that so many people want to link evolution to radioactive dating.

I too am shocked at the amount of misunderstanding and especially the amount of animosity.

I think the source is a recent trend as I don't remember this hostility in the 1970's or 1980's.

There are now television programs that are done professionally and broadcast daily (TBS) that try to refute all sorts of science using Ph D's of theology to describe why carbon dating doesn't work, and even to refute things like dinosaur trace fossils by citing the rate of diagenesis in carbonate rocks.

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There is a constant problem in Texas where the creationists try to remove and destroy fossils whenever a new location is found.