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Sep not updating

If a client is not receiving updates automatically, follow this process.

Use certified virus definitions, Network-Based Protection, or Behavior-Based Protection files to update content on the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager when it cannot access either the Internet or a Live Update Administrator (LUA) server.

About Rapid Release virus definitions Several times a day, Symantec Security Response compiles all new detections into a new Rapid Release virus file.If your proxy caches or scans content, you should exclude content from the above sites.You can check your proxy configuration by testing download of (e.g. The downloaded zip file should contain a series of small files with grd/sig/tri suffixes.Rapid Release definitions are most useful as a means of stopping fast-spreading threat outbreaks or preventing initial incursion of an attack at the gateway.Several times each weekday, all new detections added as Rapid Release definitions go through the complete QA process, including testing for false positives and testing for full compatibility with Symantec Endpoint Protection.

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Rapid Release virus definitions undergo only basic quality assurance testing.