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Stone inscriptions from 1292 in the new script depict moral, intellectual and cultural aspects.

During the Sukhothai period (1238–1378), education was dispensed by the Royal Institution of Instruction (Rajabundit) to members of the royal family and the nobility, while commoners were taught by Buddhist monks.

The standard of instruction, particularly for the English language, is much lower, and many high school students will commute 60–80 kilometres to schools in the nearest city. The first begins in the beginning of May and ends in October; the second begins in November and ends in March.

Formal education has its early origins in the temple schools, when it was available to boys only.

Hiking was never fun for Van Pol when he was a child: It brought back fearful memories of his family's escape from Cambodia and into refugee camps.

Village and sub-district schools usually provide pre-school kindergarten (anuban อนุบาล) and elementary classes, while in the district towns, schools will serve their areas with comprehensive schools with all the classes from kindergarten to age 15 and separate secondary schools for ages 13 through 18.

Due to budgetary limitations, rural schools are generally less well equipped than the schools in the cities.

Admission to an upper secondary school is through an entrance exam.

On the completion of each level, students need to pass the NET (National Educational Test) to graduate.

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