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KILLING YOUR MASCULINE ENERGY FREE STUFF LINK – Recorded on – Aug 21, 2017 on an AMD PLUS Facebook Live Your Masculine Energy is one of the greatest things you have as a man. THE PROBLEM WITH JUST BE YOURSELF FREE STUFF LINK – Recorded on – Jan 1 2016 on a TSL Online Call We hear ‘Just be Yourself’ as a constant when it comes to Dating Advice for Men.

The problem with dating advice from women The Journey to Change is built with 2 main pillars – Community and Daily Action.

HOW TO START A CONVERSATION FREE STUFF LINK – Tease Recorded on – Sept 6, 2017 on a TSL Online Call How to start a conversation can be one of the most frustrating things when meeting women, DON’T SAY “MAN UP” THE CONFUSING ROLE OF MAN FREE STUFF LINK – Recorded on – Aug 31 2017 on a MD Excellence Call ‘MAN UP!

and Take Ownership lately we have been hearing a lot about how this shames boys However what is ALCOHOLISM & ADDICTION FREE STUFF LINK – Recorded on – Aug 31, 2017 on an MD Excellence Call Alcoholism & Drug addiction are some of the most misunderstood topics in today’s culture.

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Aides raised doubts about handwriting evidence that appeared to show Moore knew the woman when she was a teenager.

Violence against women, violence against men, violence in hate crimes.

The exclusive club of ‘being a good person’ is used as a form of elitism over and over again.RELATIONSHIP ADVICE FOR MEN FREE STUFF LINK – Recorded on – Sept 13, 2017 on an MD Excellence Call Relationship advice for men is hardly ever what women want and what men want.When really it has to do with ownership, THE BEST SEX FREE STUFF LINK – Sex Recorded on – Sept 6, 2017 on a TSL Online Call How do you have the best sex of you life, while locking down your relationships into a calm lifestyle with just a few sex tips.ASPERGERS & DATING Recorded on Aug 23, 2017 on a TSL Online Call FREE STUFF LINK – Dating Advice for Aspergers Syndrome, how to get an amazing social and sexual life while having Aspergers Syndrome.FREE STUFF LINK – Recorded on – Aug 21, 2017 on an AMD PLUS Facebook Live How to handle an emergency.

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  1. , Tinder is the harbinger of today's hookup-fuelled "dating apocalypse." But the truth of the matter is, hooking up isn't anything new (and may in fact be hardwired into our genetics).