Sexchat bot online sears policy on employee dating

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Sexchat bot online

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Though you can bet your ass if I somehow spilled my old Washington DC or Hollywood client lists they’d be all the fuck over me trying to verify me after the wold caught on fire.

You tube kicks is off not because our content violates any TOS but because of WHO we are, Vimeo does as well. Twitter was different, we were allowed to be there and as a group we thrived. It started with the famous, usually actors and the like.

Moved on to political figures and people who were generally household names. As it stands now anyone can “apply” to be verified.

Verification has its benefits, if you are often impersonated it helps with that, you get ways to filter content, filter DMs, interactions that the unwashed masses don’t get.

This is very helpful to a group of people often targeted for harassment yanno cuz we’re all whores.

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We called ourselves “Twookers” and i still have a Twitter list of that name.