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Is it true that any Delft gal can just go to a party and have her pick, while a guy should consider himself lucky if any girl even looks his way?

Are Delft girls really spoiled rotten with attention and end up with unrealistically high opinions of themselves?

Otherwise you’ll be lost in the art of your design, and it might not be possible to actually produce it.

” was an actual phrase a female friend who had studied in Utrecht used to describe our lovely city. (wink wink)”, but the truth is, the inner me was rolling her eyes instead of winking.

It can be put in the same category as an Italian spaghetti-cooker or Chinese rice-cooker: just a tool that makes it easy for you to take your own food-culture anywhere you want! “After receiving first prize in the competition, we also received offers from various manufacturers.

These companies definitely believe that Alt Ust has a chance.

How many times have we heard this stereotype, that Delft is that magical town the Weather Girls had described in their biggest hit ‘Raining Men’: full of brilliant, sexy, charismatic, and charming young men, all at a 10:1 male to female ratio?

To an outsider, Delft sounds like single girl heaven.

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