Speed dating hong kong review

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Ironically, Hong Kong’s densely populated streets seem to beget a high degree of loneliness.

Alas, I’m not a rich Chinese female, so I have little more to add.Coconuts Hong Kong spoke to three different matchmakers – JJ Wu Chang of Find Love in HK, Violet Lim of Lunch Actually, and Yvonne Yung of Professionals’ Matchmaking Consultancy – to uncover the secrets of this trade and ask them about the current Hong Kong dating scene. Yvonne Yung: I think the big problem in Hong Kong’s dating scene is the proportion of girls and boys.When women age, their value in the love market diminishes quickly. There are a lot of candidates and a huge market, but the availability for the supply is insufficient for the demand in general.Participants said, in their experience, they often swore to be more honest about their feelings.Professor Stilwell says the honesty they measured was "low-level, everyday honesty" in terms of people giving their real and true opinions rather than measuring "lies that would get you sent to jail".

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And that’ll be the day I hate the world a little more.

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