Speed dating new york city professionals

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Speed dating new york city professionals

Africa, meanwhile, has the youngest, fastest-growing population on earth, with more people joining the labor force over the next 20 years than the rest of the world combined.

By connecting top employers to the brightest individuals on the African continent, Andela provides a bridge to close the talent gap while investing in the smartest, most creative minds in software development.

Enabling facility managers to reduce energy waste, sustainability managers to reduce carbon emissions and building occupants to achieve a healthy and comfortable workplace, Callida is reinventing the way commercial buildings work for everyone.

Bluecore’s customer experience platform is designed to simplify the process of ingesting and analyzing terabytes of behavioral data to create precise audiences and experiences across channels.Founded in 2013 by Omar Qari, Ted Power, and Joshua Halickman, Abacus set out to reinvent the way companies reimburse their employees.Abacus helps businesses intelligently manage their employee expenses using data and behavior analysis to make recommendations, as well as automate expense creation and approval.The Berlin-based magazine The Hundert has been compiling lists of Europe's most exciting startups for years.For the ninth edition of the magazine, the team focused on startups in New York City instead.

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They are bringing the power of the modern web to a 400-year-old process in order to make research more open, collaborative, accessible, transparent and data-driven. is the New York-based startup dedicated to making dogs and their people happy.

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