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Sri lanka sex chat female just now

Pianist Eshantha Joseph Peiris had his cheeks pinched by Auntie and when interviewing Dr.

Harsha de Silva, she actually climbed onto the MP’s lap. While interviewing her childhood friend and radio personality, Karin Hatch, Auntie found herself outtalked and put in her place, much to Nimmi’s delight.

Seated close by, Heshani Sothiraj Eddleston remains unfazed – she’s seen this happen before. As the undisputed star of ETV’s soon to be launched television series ‘The Auntie Netta Chat Show’ the eccentric old woman has already interviewed a dozen prominent Sri Lankans and we are just in time to see her apply her unique methods of persuasion on Indu Dharmasena and his wife Sanwada.

In the half hour that follows, Indu and Sanwada are treated alternately to rude suggestions, gentle mockery and prying questions.

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A small headpiece allows Nimmi to hear Heshani’s suggestions and unwittingly, that interaction has helped shape Auntie Netta’s unique interviewing style.Indu, who looked like he wasn’t altogether comfortable, took more time to get used to his interrogator.It must have helped that she knew he was an avid collector of pens and gifted him a new one for his collection right at the start.“A lot of them have gone away saying, ‘Oh my God, I don’t know what just happened.’” Having created Auntie Netta over ten years ago, Nimmi has used the character for stand up comedy and will soon relaunch her in a piece of theatre at the upcoming Edinburgh Festival.Though you may have seen Auntie Netta on youtube, the chat show reveals a more sedate version.

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