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Cruz is last seen being put into an ambulance, and JJ tells him to have a good rest.

Cruz reappeared in Angels, where it is shown that he successfully recovered from his injuries.

Cruz was especially close to JJ, to the point where she confided in him only when she found out that she was pregnant with her second baby with her then-partner Will.

On April 24, 2011, a convoy carrying the four team members was ambushed by a terrorist squad, and Askari was revealed to be a traitor after killing a soldier, trying to kill Cruz, and then fleeing with the terrorists, while Hastings disappeared and was declared killed-in-action.

Askari is then shot dead by Hotch when he tries to slash JJ's throat.

As Cruz is rescued, JJ and Prentiss pursue Hastings, who is eventually killed, and the downloading process is canceled as a result.

Cruz first appeared in the episodes To Bear Witness and Strange Fruit, in which he played secondary roles.When Askari tries to kill her, Cruz states that he will not reveal his own codes, as two codes are needed for access to Integrity.Hastings shows up, having faked his death, as he was also a traitor.Finally, Askari had one of his men stage Cruz's death, which causes JJ to go into an emotional breakdown and briefly hallucinate about her former teammate Emily Prentiss.The hallucination morphs into Cruz's tangible self, who, likely under Askari's orders, encourages her to give up her codes.

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His absence after 200 was also explained, for he had attracted attention from the CIA about his actions during his abduction (exposing the codes for Operation: Classified).

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