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The bill will have been In the hands of thia committee for seven legislative days on Monday. Th Is Jcunc" M "ported env The President then read a formal U. Victory The final ballot clinched a sweeping United States victory which be statement saying: a purely retaiiatlva measure (Continued on Page 4, Column 6) bling the Case labor disputes measure which President Truman vetoed last year.A simple majority vote of the house members can lift it out of committee on Tuesday. Taft, chairman of the senate labor committee, made his prediction in an interview at Columbus, Ohio, during a lull In senate committee hearings.

of a spreading senate revolt that seemed almost certain to block the disputed appointment The President declared war on Lllienthal's senate foes at his weekly White House press conference, and his challenge was picked up instantly by Senate Republican Leader Wallace H. White, who had remained silent V throughout the Inns' rnntroverav a proposal for a state legislative council, passed bills coal apparently could not be do nated without legislative authority. annnunro H rane plea that its action would "deprive the people of Tennessee of the right to govern themselves," the senate tabled the Davidson-Hamilton constitutional convention that he would fight Lllienthal's confirmation because of the let a im an riirmaa n imii mm i " f" i' ' 51 "' ' Ift i- vfr .? The action followed within half an hour the public hearing which attracted a crowd of mora than 3,000 from every section of Tennessee to oppose tha bill.HOME DELIVERED SUBSCRIPTIONS 35c A WEEK WUe Wor M (AT) Wlrephoto FORTY. Truman said, and it appeared unlikely the British would wish to spend their dwindling dollar credits for coal except as a last resort terday dealt the death blow bill outlawing closed shops, the state senate' labor com No Plan for Payment to a limited constitutional convention in Tennessee and The White House proposal men tioned no plan for payment, if the British accept the offer, but the , WASHINGTON (UP) .President Truman commit- ted himself last night to a finish fight for confirmation Of David E. 1 : bill bv voice vote, then voted 18-12 ter's past record of "hostility" toward congress.i said Russia had suggested the arms body and had objected to the final resolution only over lines of rela July 1. The Yugoslav delegatujre- By RED O DONNELL "I repeat what I said on 11 when I pledged the execu with its plans., At the canitol a bipartisan coal Bert Andrews of the New York Herald Tribune asked: hind the O. Williams Liquor Father ' Edward J." Clean, Catho S1UI1UI ai Ulll CIU9 WCl UCW taw Jl ition, contending that weakening Store at 718 Fourth Avenue, South. Soong and Kuomintang T T , I 1 1 .1 A.4AMH4 Hannegan's nomination in 1948? Taft said at Columbus that legli deal with all machinery of war plied that 'certain peepla" did not want to hear all of his statements.

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This was the first move of an emer Another anti - Lilienthal blast came from Ames K. FBI Confirms Car Sales Probe He did not elaborate at a news conference on that word safe ex bery of H. Carrigan of 2500 Wafford Avenue, 63-year-old night- neath 18-foot drifts, have cut drastically passenger' services and expect to move more coal, he added.

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