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The shiksas guide to dating jewish

And while premarital sex is not condoned, “the sexual relationship between a married couple is very important in Judaism and is considered a mitzvah,” or good deed, she said; and that sex should enable “a couple to relate better and have a full loving experience.” Many of the practices around sex relate back to the principle of modesty, which is big in Orthodoxy.

If you’ve ever walked by a Yeshiva, you’ll notice the female students wearing long skirts and sleeves, and possibly tights.

The book really pulls attention and is something that gets passed around.

I don't think anyone should take this book as literal- but it is a funny book to take in jest- and as a gag gift. Could easily be shortened into a periodical article. The author is demeaning to Jewish men as though they are boy-toys.

That is why Jews give multiples of 18 as gifts at weddings, bar mitzvahs, and at other occasions.

The reason our holidays fluctuate (like Thanksgivukkah of 2013) is because Judaism has its own calendar that uses a lunisolar calendar instead of the Western Gregorian calendar that is used by many other cultures.

The letters ח and י (pronounced "chai") equal to 18.

The value has become a popular number that represents good luck.

Orthodoxy, like Christians, Muslims, and other Judaic sects, dictates abstinence before the covenant of marriage... “This was a lot easier to do when people got married at 18,” acknowledged one of the Modern Orthodox women I spoke to.

Keeping kosher is all about how the food was prepared, not whether it was blessed by a Rabbi. It is the day we repent our sins for the previous year.

There is also a difference between "keeping kosher" and "kosher-style." Become familiar with the differences! Please check the calendar and do not schedule anything for this day!

Most of us are willing to celebrate your holidays, too!

Not all Jews keep kosher, but make sure you ask before you make a dish for a family function.

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But how and to what you degree you cover up is largely cultural and not so much a matter of scripture. While the tradition of covering one’s hair is vaguely alluded to in scripture, how this rule is interpreted and practiced is very much cultural.