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Ts dating tampa

People often face difficulties in their interactions with their spouse or partner, children, parents, and friends.I help individuals, couples, and families to reach their goals of greater hope, joy, contentment, and connection.""As a current doctoral student, I am passionate about the health and well being of my patients.Are you losing sleep or having problems concentrating because you are worried or overwhelmed by stressors?Are you experiencing nightmares or having thoughts related to a traumatic event? I have assisted clients with improving their relationships and working toward overcoming issues such as sexual dysfunction, depression, anxiety, and traumatic experiences.""Do you have days when you don't feel like getting out of bed?I am always humbled when someone trusts in me to join them on their journey.I take that investment very seriously and I am diligent about creating returns on that investment that are life changing.""My practice is unique in a way you may not find in other therapy offices.The work is client-driven and strength-based, so that sessions center around what your concerns are without my personal judgment or superimposed goals.The first appointment with me is focused upon establishing a positive connection and the formation of a safe space while identifying your concerns, strengths, and hopes for your counseling experience.

My philosophy is that counseling is an intimate and unique experience that is based upon relationships.Conveniently book ONLINE: lovinglifetherapy.com/first-appointment/""Looking for happier, healthier relationships? I provide individual therapy to people that are struggling with anxiety, depression, life/relationship issues and medical issues.I also work with my wife as a co-therapy team providing counseling services for couples..""Do you and your partner have difficulty communicating and understanding each other?We now offer the NEW innovative Ketamine Infusion treatment for depression! I work from the whole person perspective to release unwanted patterns/beliefs and unresolved old feelings that are blocking your access to personal power, self acceptance, satisfying relationships and success.Conveniently book ONLINE: lovinglifetherapy.com/first-appointment/""We have same week appointments! So often we are a product of our environment while being held captive by society's standards, taboos, and the expectations of those around us. I partner with individuals/couples/families to discover the unconscious beliefs that form patterns of unhealthy and often destructive behaviors. I utilize a powerful blend of Traditional and Holistic Psychotherapies in a safe, supportive environment in my office or from the comfort of home- Ask me about Video Therapy!

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I understand that reaching out for help can be a difficult first step when you feel as though the life you are living is not the one you envisioned having.

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