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For Claire, negative comments rained when she shared the news of her marriage amongst some friends in her home country of Australia.

“There was a lot of negativity among my friends around the relationship; I got told I was stupid because he was using me, and his friends would tell him the same,” she recalls still in surprise.

“But I have been learning that it is ok for him to go out a few times a week to decompress and I try to take that time for myself too.

Beatrice stayed at home taking care of her child for the first two years and then started working as a teacher in a school in Zamalek, until they moved to Saudi Arabia, where they lived four years.

“I didn’t have problems adapting to the culture; I used to have a friend who used to laugh and say I am a British woman from Bulaq,” she says as she candidly laughs.

“It hasn’t always been smooth,” she says when describing her 45-year marriage.

“We have had our difficult times as any couple does; but it wouldn’t have been different if I had married and English man,” she admits.

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But as the scholarship requirements demanded his payment if he were not to go back to his homeland, Beatrice encouraged the return.