Updating and encryption

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You will be able to use these IDs not only to send secure Outlook messages, but protect documents of other applications as well, including Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, Power Point and One Note, versions 2016, 2013, 20.

Note: Please keep in mind that most of the services are paid and charge either monthly or yearly fee.

PUP File Update: You do not need to backup and restore your data to perform an update when upgrading using a PUP file.After an Update Package is uploaded to the server, the PUP update file is displayed in Software Updates. After the upload is complete, it displays in the list of Software Updates. Click arrow icon below install to begin the installation and then click OK.The list shows the name of the update, the version, the size, the date of the last action for that update, and the Install icon. The server will install the update and reboot to complete the installation.To be able to exchange encrypted messages with certain contacts, you need to share your public keys first.You start by exchanging digitally signed emails (not encrypted!

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