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Posted by / 23-May-2018 08:01

Effectively, the linked table is a single source approach.

The Access linked table is just a view of the data in Excel.

So that when it's opened in Excel it draws from the Access table.

As someone else mentioned, having just one source is much preferred to having two "copies" that have the potential of getting out of sync.

Create a linked table in Access pointed to the Excel table.

I thought I'd do this my using an "update query", but I think I took this query to mean something else.

Hi all I have a table in access that I want to update from another table that I have imported from excel.

The imported table contains updated information relating to the records in the current access table. "lookup the records in the current table, and if information in the imported table exists (and therefore is either updated information, or is exactly the same information as what's already in the curent table) update the records in the current table".

So I think it's updating, but just not presenting the latest data to you. You get the same effect by opening another window --say Forms, and then go back to Tables.

In earlier versions of Access there was a command, and it may still be there in the latest versions, that would refresh the Access window. When you reopen the window(Tables) it is refreshed. Why would the linked table refresh accurately for all the other part numbers and quantities but only (randomly) leave out a couple.

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